Auditel, the Italian company responsible for TAM data supply, was one of the first to certify data thanks to notarisation on Dedit. As early as 2019, Auditel was thus able to strengthen the process of certifying data and management processes to ensure greater transparency of its activities, as well as make any attempts at manipulation easily identifiable and finally offer the supervisory and control authorities an additional tool for guaranteeing and ensuring transparency.


Before the summer, on the occasion of the company’s entry into the United Nations Global Compact and its ISO9001 certification, which certifies the quality of the procedures and processes underlying the Auditel management system, there was renewed talk about their notarisation project, which makes data unalterable and provides absolute transparency.  In the fight against corruption, one of the universal principles promoted by the Global Compact, notarisation plays a fundamental role. 

Andrea Imperiali, president of Auditel, explained: “This method of certifying the source data, which is the starting point for the process of collecting and producing audience data, is proof that throughout the entire process, which is also formalised in numerous protocols, the data cannot be altered or manipulated in any way. In fact, at any time, even at a distance of time, the listening data can be reproduced by tracing it back to a certified data stored in a safe’.

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