Digital transformation in the health sector means that data must be shared, to facilitate complex decisions in record time. The key to improving the health sector is the Blockchain. Health is one of the many areas in which this technology operates and ensures safety, reliability and interoperability. is the irrefutable example of how a platform can guarantee a blockchain certificate that validates and gives confidence in the results of vaccination and antigen tests, including a precise date, an electronic signature, a paternity test, an integrity of the document and its immutability over time. It also guarantees a QRcode for easy access to all details.

Fabrizio Pelli, managing partner of Dade2, a London-based company specialized in Cloud and digital transformation, and delegate for Latin America of the association Italia4blockchain, explained in an exclusive interview to Telemedicina – Salud en Línea the importance of and the advantages of Blockchain.

According to Pelli, in fact, the Blockchain will be implemented in many areas especially at this particular time that humanity is going through.To obtain reliable and reliable information about people, Fabrizio Pelli declares that “a standard will be needed to get out of the pandemic because it is already known that the threat does not end with herd immunity, as was thought; the exit from this terrible situation will take place with a technological standard that imposes a protocol.” The medical data, in fact, are recorded on the platform and on the public blockchain; and it is the task of this technology to ensure the issuance of the certificate with a certain and effective date.

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